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Articles On The Effects Of Single Parents And Black Males

Articles on the Effects of Single Parents and Black Males Single parents are everywhere. The US Census found that in 2002, three out of ten children in the United States were raised and are living in with single parents. It is believed that the figure has further gone up nowadays. Today, it is estimated that single parents, or the number of single parents in the society, are far more, or have significantly grown over the years. The assumption can be attributed to the growing perceptio........ Read More

Doing It The Right Way: Single Parents In Harrisburg Pa

Sydney Styles was an incoming college senior living in Harrisburg PA when she applied to become an intern in a local publishing group specializing in kiddie magazines. The flexible environment of the company encourage her to work hard despite only being an intern, as she hoped her bosses will be impressed and possibly consider her for a permanent position once she gets out of college. While in her third week in the company, she met Rob who worked at the stacking department. Rob was a happy-........ Read More

Meeting Other Single Parents

If you find yourself single all of a sudden after a marriage, you may first feel confused upon your re-entry into the dating scene. This is admittedly uncomfortable, yes, but the good thing is you are not alone. There are a lot of other single parents out there waiting to meet you and, probably, share another chance at a happy family life with you. Dating skills, like most things in this world, tend to dry up when not in use. But with a little warming up, you will soon return to you best p........ Read More

Single Parents Dating: It Is Time To Move On

Being a single parent is not the end of the world. It doesn't mean that you will shut all doors closed from dating someone else. Single parents also need to go out on a date for them to relax and unwind from their heavy role as a mother and father. Single parents dating or going out is healthy. Single parent dating friends. If you think you are not ready to enter into a new relationship, dating old time friends is an option for you. You can say to your friends things that you cannot sa........ Read More

How To Manage Stress And Single Parenting

Being a single parent is not easy. It is like doing two jobs in one sitting. Single parenting requires you to be an understanding mother or a tough and a providing father all at the same time. Stress and single parenting, therefore, works together, giving single mom and dad a terrible headache every single day. Stress and single parenting are the usual topics in self-help books in parenting. Psychologists believe that raising children and even just a child is a very stressful task that req........ Read More

Dating Single Parents

I really admire single parents, with all the hardships in their life; they are still able to endure all of it. For their children, they are able to suck up everything that life has thrown at them. But single parents are humans too, with emotions that people usually feel. They also long for love and affection not only from their children but also from other people as well. They also long for a companion who would grow old with them. So for single parents to go on dates is not a distant re........ Read More

Psychological Well Being Of Single Parents

Understanding the Psychological Well Being of Single Parents Probably the hardest thing to face as a single parent is the intense emotion linked with being both a mother and a father to a child. This is further magnified when the other parent is absent or is deliberately not doing anything to fulfill his part in the caring for the children. More often than not, the single parent's psychological well being bogs down. Single parents might try to cope with this strain by either trying to co........ Read More

Black Single Parents

Black Single Parents: Seek Help And You Shall Receive If before single parents were being scorned in public and were regarded as immorals, this attitude has, fortunately, been reversed in our days. Single or divorced parents are treated equally and are in fact being given special considerations by the Federal Government because of the hardships that single parents are facing in order to properly raise a child or children. This special considerations are not only for 'white' Americans. B........ Read More

Financial Aid For Single Parents

Financial Aid for Single Parents You would probably think that as a single parent, you could do what has to be done all on your own. You feel that you have what it takes to be a good single parent. Hopefully, you are not one of those who assume that they are in the lineage of super heroes, handling every weight on their shoulders. You would get yourself busy on all sides with the different activities that can show your kids that you, as a new family, can handle it on your own. But h........ Read More

Articles On Single Parenting

Articles On Single Parenting Becoming Popular in Modern Days There are many articles concerning about single parenting. Single parents need not worry on how to handle your situation as a single parent to your children. You may search for articles like this one through various website and even in local magazines. For more brief and precise articles about single parenting, you may also visit the libraries and bookstores. Reading and understanding the articles for single parenting may give........ Read More

Financial Assistance For Single Parents

Financial Assistance for the Single Parents Single parents are becoming too popular and widely accepted a concept nowadays. Gone were the days when single parents are left solely and alone to raise their child or children alone. The Federal Government and all legitimate governments around thew world are now recognizing the increasing and growing trend of single parenting. Single parents, as you might have noticed, are everywhere. The lady sitting beside you in the bus ride home or the........ Read More

Consequences Of Single Parenting

There are a lot of consequences in being a single parent. It is not as easy as everyone imagines. There are so many issues surrounding a single parent. Some are good, but some are extremely bad. In everything that you do, there are consequences. And because being a single parent is an abnormality, society keeps a watchful eye on everything that you do. You always have to watch your actions so that it will not have a deterrent effect on your children. You also have to have an open communi........ Read More

Scholarship For Single Parents

Available Scholarships for Single Parents To Improve their Style of Living A family with a single parent as the head of the family is growing in numbers every year. This is said to be caused by parental breakup and unwanted pregnancies. Women are more affected in this situation than men because of the tremendous task of feeding the family and nurturing them emotionally at the same time. Families with a single mom are commonly seen in areas wherein unemployement is rampant. Sometimes te........ Read More

The Effects Of Single Parenting

Effects of Single Parenting: Coping With Reality The number of single parents has increased over the last twenty years. The number of children who have been a product of single parents have continually grown as well. This is because the overall change in society has changed drastically over the past years. How a person reacts to certain situations, and how one copes with change have affected decisions involving families today. Studies have shown that there are effects, whether positive ........ Read More

The Challenges Of Single Parenting

Having worked with parents for the last 35 years and written books on parenting and relationships, I’ve discovered that one of the greatest challenges for us as parents is to be loving role-models for our children, showing our children through our behavior how to take personal responsibility for their own feelings and needs. Our children need to learn from our role-modeling how to nurture themselves within and how to create a sense of safety in the world. In families where both a mother and fa........ Read More


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Good Parenting Teaching Boys Becoming Parent Single Parent
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