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Understanding Single Parents

Separation or independence might come as a big surprise to you. At first, you will most probably be feeling panicky finally realizing that you have to take care of your kids and never forget this, yourself as well. If you do not take care of yourself, then you do not make yourself immune to certain negative circumstances that may hinder the care and love that you can give your children. As a single parent, you have to assure yourself with good health. Aside from the fact that it coul........ Read More

Doing It The Right Way: Single Parents In Harrisburg Pa

Sydney Styles was an incoming college senior living in Harrisburg PA when she applied to become an intern in a local publishing group specializing in kiddie magazines. The flexible environment of the company encourage her to work hard despite only being an intern, as she hoped her bosses will be impressed and possibly consider her for a permanent position once she gets out of college. While in her third week in the company, she met Rob who worked at the stacking department. Rob was a happy-........ Read More

Consequences Of Single Parenting

There are a lot of consequences in being a single parent. It is not as easy as everyone imagines. There are so many issues surrounding a single parent. Some are good, but some are extremely bad. In everything that you do, there are consequences. And because being a single parent is an abnormality, society keeps a watchful eye on everything that you do. You always have to watch your actions so that it will not have a deterrent effect on your children. You also have to have an open communi........ Read More

Emotional Health Of Single Parents

Single Parents and How They Are to Maintain Their Emotional Health The number of single parents has increased over years. The number of children who have been a product of single parents have continually grown as well. This is because the overall change in society has changed drastically over the past years. How a person reacts to certain situations, and how one copes with change have affected decisions involving families today. Studies have shown that there are effects, whether positiv........ Read More

Challenges Of Single Parenting

One of the hardest issues to survive in, as a single parent, is an overwhelming emotion that you should complete the role of both mother and father. This feeling evolves and will be more intense if the other single parent is not portraying a role that is active with the children. You would probably fight this feeling often in two ways. Either you try to compensate by being both the mom or dad or you get on one of those wild life hunting explorations to search for a partner to fill in th........ Read More

Meeting Single Parents

If being a single parent attacked you like an ambush, then you would feel highly uninitiated when it comes to being a single parent. You probably think that you can just reenter the dating area as easy as you walk in your closet. But that is not how reality dictates dating and being a single parent, combined. You might feel more awkward than not when you decide to make a comeback in the dating area. Contrary to what most of the people think about dating, dating is actually not as easy as........ Read More

Mortgage For Single Parents

Mortgage for Single Parents: Housing Options For Single Parents Being a single parent has a lot of responsibilities. These include food, transportation, healthcare, insurance payments, and mortgage payments. The government mandated child-support payments take care of majority of these, but single parents still have to make the monthly necessary payments to pay these items. These payments usually range from $4000 – 6000 per year. From combined incomes, the single parent needs to sup........ Read More

Effects Of Single Parenting On Child

Effects of Single Parenting On A Child Times have really changed. Old people always argue that the modern culture has forsaken and outgrouwn the values taught and instilled by old customs, beliefs and traditions. Moralists and conservative people are almost always raising their brows and expressing disgust over how current belief and culture systems are evolving. What has been unacceptable in the old world is now becoming fast and rapidly rising trends. Taboos and outcast-driving iss........ Read More

How Many Single Parents Are Enrolled In College

Single Parents in College To date, experts estimate that there are two out of ten college students, regardless of gender, that are single parents by choice or by chance. The estimate looks not alarming, but the thing is that experts believe and assert that the number of single parents in college are constantly and rapidly rising. With the advent of rising and more popular liberated principles adopted by the modern generation, single parenthood is not a taboo anymore. In the United Sta........ Read More

Single Parents And Relationships: Self-regulation

Single parents, whether they like or not, need to practice some sort of restraint or self-regulation when it comes to their dating activities, as their child could take it the wrong way and end up resenting his or her parent. Or, worse, believe that his or her parent's impulsive dating actions are good and acceptable. While nobody can really pinpoint what is good or bad for a child because every single parent set-up is unique, one thing remains the same: the child should be given the primar........ Read More

Theories Regarding Single Parenting

Theories regarding single parenting depends upon the the beliefs and ideals of a person. Some people base their concept or theories on experiences of single parents. Some of them base it on analytical thinking. There are theories regarding single parenting that is said to be irritating to the ears of single parent especially if it affects the morality of a person as a Christian. Nevertheless, if we will listen to the person sharing his theories regarding single parenting, you can pick up a........ Read More

Single Parents In South Africa

The increase of single parenthood is not a phenomenon isolated only to the western world. Even in South Africa, there has been is a high percentage of single parents within the population. In 1998, 22 percent households in South Africa were run by single parents. As in any country, single parenthood arises because of (a) divorce (b) death or estrangement of a spouse (c) teenage pregnancy. Aside from the AIDS epidemic, South Africa’s is currently facing social fragmentation as women c........ Read More

effects Of Single Parenting

Different Effects of Single Parenting to Children and Single Parents What are effects of single parenting to adult? Single parenting is a tough and very challenging task. Many single parents suffer the negative effects of single parenting. Financial struggles is one of the negative effects of single parenting. This, however, can be solve by finding a job that can support both you and child. Single parents can also find a job within their local community that may afford them to sustain t........ Read More

Articles On The Effects Of Single Parents And Black Males

Articles on the Effects of Single Parents and Black Males Single parents are everywhere. The US Census found that in 2002, three out of ten children in the United States were raised and are living in with single parents. It is believed that the figure has further gone up nowadays. Today, it is estimated that single parents, or the number of single parents in the society, are far more, or have significantly grown over the years. The assumption can be attributed to the growing perceptio........ Read More

On Single Parenting: Few Truths Of Single Parenting

Global way of living has changed significantly over the last twenty-five years. It has affected different aspects of our lifestyle – from the general way of thinking, education, finances, child and healthcare, even the way we manage our families. This fast-paced change has shaped the way we live our lives, including parenting. Single parenting is defined as a parent (whether the wife, or the husband) doing the role of maintaining the nuclear family, as a result of death, divorce, sepa........ Read More


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