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Parenting In A New Age

RRP $16.36

"Parenting in a New Age" will help you understand your higher purpose !!! You have the power to make a difference ...

Whether you are a parent, teacher, care giver or work with children on a regular basis, you will know we are experiencing a kind of evolution. Parenting is a journey and much happens on this journey. With the challenges we are experiencing, this book will adequately equip you for this journey.

A new epoch of children are populating this planet with an invigorating renewed energy but the masses remain oblivious to this transition. The time has come for us to find ourselves and evolve to our true purpose through conscious parenting. We are the parents who will be responsible for the shaping of a new era.

This book will equip you with an insightful awareness into these key critical areas of parenting in a new era: - Understanding the children of a new era, Discovering conscious parenting, Shifting to positive paradigms, Creating balance, Finding the gift of being a family, Becoming a life coach to your children,

"Change is imperative for our evolution and change is sure to come about through accepting our responsibility of conscious parenting."

Soul To Soul Parenting

RRP $18.92

A guidebook for parents who want to infuse greater spiritual awareness into everyday life. SOUL TO SOUL PARENTING gives you the tools to lead an authentic, conscious, divinely inspired life so that you can provide the same for your children. Tap into your intuitive wisdom as together you explore universal spiritual principles through a variety of simple, daily means. Opens up communication with 15 universal themes such as connectedness, boundaries, presence, openness, truth, perception, authenticity and joy. Features 22 methods for integrating spirituality into family life, including visual cues, the spirit mobile, art, the intuitive-gratitude journal, nature and more! Includes thought-provoking parent contemplations, family activities and an extensive list of suggested books, music, and movies for all age levels. SOUL TO SOUL PARENTING assists parents in becoming active participants in their children's awakening as conscious global citizens. A key message for parents: Once a divine perspective is ignited within, we can feel more intimately connected to the eternal source, cultivating personal truth, authentic relationships, and enhanced life experiences."

A Parent-partner Status For American Family Law

RRP $35.95

Despite the fact that becoming a parent is a pivotal event, the birth or adoption of a child has little significance for parents' legal relationship to each other. Instead, the law relies upon marriage, domestic partnerships, and contracts to set the parameters of parents' legal relationship. With over forty percent of American children born to unwed mothers and consistently high rates of divorce, this book argues that the law's current approach to regulating parental relationships is outdated. A new legal and social structure is needed to guide parents so they act as supportive partners and to deter uncommitted couples from having children. This book is the first of its kind to propose a new 'parent-partner' status within family law. Included are a detailed discussion of the benefits of the status as well as specific recommendations for legal obligations.


RRP $18.99

From the author of the children's book How Sadie Learned To SMILE and co-author of Time Out On A Roller Coaster comes a new collection: Becoming... 20 short stories exploring pivotal times and journeys in our lives. Walk with Darcy Adams in "A Ready Heart" as her heart accepts that God has a way of taking the bad in our lives and allowing us to use it to do good; get warmed by the dawning in "A Light That Shines In Winter" as Angelina realizes the good her husband has done will always shine even in the cold darkness of winter. Experience the humorous transformation to "A Woman Of A Certain Age"; believe with the unnamed heroine in "Twenty-one Days Of Believing" when all others have given up hope; eat "Dark Chocolate" with Tamra Collins as she finds love at a most unexpected time; watch the wounds of betrayal heal in "Unwanted"; and many, many more in Becoming... a heartwarming, blossoming color march through life.

A Parent's And Child's Guide To Captain Underpants

RRP $16.99

Captain Underpants is one of the most banned or challenged books in publication--should you let your child read it? This unofficial guide explains the controversy, and explores different positive and negative themes and plots. If you are concerned with letting your child read the series, this book will help you see what the book is all about and if it's okay to let your child read it. This book also contains two discussion questions for each book in the series for parents to help their children think critically about what they have read. This study guide does NOT contain text from the actual book, and is not meant to be purchased as alternatives to reading the book. This study guide is an unofficial companion and not endorsed by the author or publisher of the book. We all need refreshers every now and then. Whether you are a student trying to cram for that big final, or someone just trying to understand a book more, BookCaps can help. We are a small, but growing company, and are adding titles every month.


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Good Parenting Teaching Boys Becoming Parent Single Parent
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Good Parenting Teaching Boys Becoming Parent Single Parent
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