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Instant Parenting

RRP $16.99

The Instant-Series Presents "Instant Parenting"

How to Be a Good Parent and Raise a Child with Fewer Conflicts Instantly!

Ah kids...what parents wouldn't do for their child? From the very first moment they are born into your arms, they instantly become the cherished apple of your eyes, and you would do anything for them.

As much as you love them and would give the world to them, let's be honest, raising a child is no quick walk in the park...

There will be times of conflicts, difficulties, and tensions along the way - not to mention those rebellious streak of teen years. Driven by the need to getwhatever they want whenever they want and the need to fit in and be cool and popular, then playing the guilt card and blaming you for not loving them enough for not giving in to their demands, can wreck havoc on any parent's nerve.

You can blame it on pop cultures, but remember...you, as a parent, need to be theirGPS (guided parental system) guiding them in a world that they think they're know it all, into well-respected successful individual and good outstanding citizen.Now what parent wouldn't want that?

That is biggest the priority of a parent and the biggest prize you can offer to your kid(s). They need you to!

Within "Instant Parenting":

  • How to be a good parent by adopting the fundamental "6 Golden Rules" of parenting to raising children more easily and guiding them through life.
  • How to apply the "art of codependent parenting" where you and your child both have mutual respects and need each other for survival as one form of parenting styles.
  • How to improve interactions with your children by working on your "parental communication skills" so they will always respect and listen to you.
  • How to manage yourself and your kids when they have done something wrong against your wishes and everything you've taught them, leading to arguments.
  • How to get your kids on your side, by being ON their side, so they will always let you in on their life without hiding any secrecy, but always want you in on their life.
  • Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises for better parenting skills for raising kids better.
    ...and much more.

    Parenting should be a privilege to shape your children into the molding image of your lasting legacy for future generations to come; and you only have a limited time to do that for they do grow up so fast.

    Don't let this one-time parenting opportunity to enjoy the good times (and even the bad times) to raise your kid(s) into who they will be, before it slips you by!

  • Good Parenting Through Divorce

    RRP $14.99

    Are you recently divorced with children? If so, then you have no doubt thought about the effect that it's going to have on your children. In fact, that's probably your first worry because you don't want to let a divorce create hardships on them mentally and emotionally. The good news is that you can take control of your relationship with your children and still cultivate a great home environment. When we usually think of divorce, we think of the horrible things that caused our marriage to break up and don't think that we could ever make a parenting relationship work. The truth is, it's actually a pretty easy process that doesn't have to take an emotional toll on you! Through the tips, tricks and techniques in the "Good Parenting Through Divorce" you are going to learn how to be a great parent in spite of a divorce. You'll see how you can give your children a great and nurturing environment that they can grow up properly in. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step plans laid out in this incredible manual and you're on your way to parenting success!

    Better Parenting Through A Better You

    RRP $27.99

    God gave children parents to guide them in their journeys into productive and responsible individuals. Wiley challenges parents to examine the values they want to implant in their children as she discusses a good self image, honesty, the love of God and the world he created as the values she considers most important. Wiley considers a good self image as the most necessary quality to possess to succeed in this world. She believes the mind controls not only what you think but how you feel and what you do. She discusses her son's struggle with dyslexia, her struggle with a speech defect, and becoming a teacher. It always comes back to self esteem and believing in one's self. One has to be honest with one's self before one can accept herself for what she really is. This leads Wiley to honesty which she believes is second to self esteem in qualities needed to be responsible and successful. Wiley believes everyone has to believe in some higher power to have the strength necessary to succeed as a parent. For her, this authority is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all in one. He gives her the strength to cope no matter what happens. Wiley believes the most effective way of guiding children is through modeling. She also discusses guiding children into becoming responsible adults by setting limits and applying natural consequences. Parents have a responsibility to their children to love them unconditionally and model values for them rather than being responsible for what their children do. Communication is the key to success in any endeavor, and in families communication must begin with the parents and include the children. Wiley concludes her book by discussing ways to include fun; a family that plays together grows into a loving caring family.

    The First Goodbye

    RRP $12.99

    Joseph Tatum, unknown vagabond, itinerant, searches for the beauty amid chaos on skid row. The deadly streets of Sin City, he no longer cares for life nor death, recourse from no one, respite from nothing, he dares to place his soul at trouble's doorstep, the underbelly back alleys and side-streets of the Metropolis.

    Parenting Today's Children

    RRP $36.30

    PARENTING TODAY'S CHILDREN will help you understand parenting roles, responsibilities, and challenges. Based on the latest research findings, the text addresses contemporary topics in a clear, concise, and thought-provoking manner. A developmental framework makes learning easier for you, as each chapter builds on the previous one. You'll relate to many of the timely topics (e. g., "helicopter" parents, sleep deprivation, eating disorders, teens and plastic surgery, overscheduled children, depression and suicide, social media) that are discussed throughout the book. Pedagogical features, such as key terms, learning objectives, responsive parenting cases, trending now topics, self-reflection questions, and field activities reinforce learning. Suggestions for Parents features throughout the book translate chapter material into practical ideas that you can share with parents. An appealing chapter design includes helpful visuals and material presented in an easy-to-read boxed format.


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