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Parenting For Single Mothers

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Parent effectiveness training for mothers: With the changing social dynamics in the society, it is only natural to expect motherhood to progress and develop. In today's world, single moms are not only a common but also an encouraging phenomenon. This allows single women the autonomy to create their own families. On the flipside, there is an overall lack of proper guidance on being a single mother, which is frustrating and disappointing. Single parenting can be tricky, especially if you are not in it by choice. If you have had a spouse or a partner who helped you with raising the kids, but circumstances force you to do the job on your own, then it can be frustrating and extremely demanding. This is why 'Parenting for Single Mothers: Being a Good Mom and Raising Great Kids' is an ideal guide for single mothers. Through this book, you can learn the best possible emotional, financial and social setting to bring up healthy and smart children. You will learn: - How to be prepared as a single mother parent. - Being a great parent at every stage in your child's life. - How to deal with the issue of absent parent from your child/children's life. - Tips, suggestion for running yours household efficiently and within your budget. - Dealing with financial security and financial needs of your child/children. - Introducing the new man in your life to your child/children

Be A Great Single Parent

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More than 60 million books sold in the Teach Yourself series!
Helpful advice for going it alone as a parent

Be a Great Single Parent offers a step-by-step, sensible and jargon-free guide to all the things that most concern you as a single parents, from what it means emotionally, how to cope with the practical realities day-to-day, and how to socialize with other parents like you and benefit from the many support networks available. There is plenty of expert emotional support and useful advice for fathers, mothers and other family members whatever your domestic situation, and further resources throughout.


  • A practical rather than emotional approach, so is easy to use and accessible
  • One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started
  • Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the authors' many years of experience
  • Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress
  • Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts

Being A Parent

RRP $32.99

The last few years has seen a tremendous increase in emotional and behavioral problems in children. Working parents, nuclear family structure, having a single child has made parenting a difficult task. Quality time is what parents are trying to juggle in their daily packed routines. Today parents may not be able to ascertain the various emotional and behavioral problems seen in children. I have tackled a few of these in the school going children like hyperactivity, behavior problems, T.V. addiction etc as well as the problems of the teenagers. Most of the times, these would be considered a part of growing up and not a serious problem. As a psychiatrist, I do feel that it is my primary duty to enlighten parents, make them aware and help them understand their children.

Married Mind With A Single Heart

RRP $13.99

a man dealing with being married but never forgetting being single

Taming The Tiger Parent

RRP $22.99

This book sets out to present the latest research on the damage that competitive parenting is doing to our children; and to offer a way back to a more relaxed family life where children, and the adults they become, can truly flourish.

Mozart in the womb, Baby Einstein DVD's for newborns and i-pad learning apps for toddlers. From the moment the umbilical cord is cut, today's parents feel trapped in a never-ending race to ensure their child is the brightest and the best. But while it's completely natural for us to want our kids to reach their potential, at what point does too much competition become damaging?

With constant testing in schools also raising the stakes, how can we tell when hot-housing children is actually doing more harm than good? In this ground-breaking and provocative book, award-winning journalist and parenting author Tanith Carey presents the latest research on what this contest is doing to the next generation. She explains why, far from making our children more go-getting and successful, it can back-fire with life-long repercussions, damage their emotional well-being and fracture their relationships with the very people who love them most: their parents.

In this essential manual for today's modern parent, Tanith offers parents practical, realistic solutions that will give them permission to take their foot off the gas and reclaim a more relaxed family life. Packed with insights, experts' tips, real experiences and resources, this book is a timely guide to safeguarding your child's well-being in a competitive world - so they can grow into the happy, emotionally balanced people they really need to be.

About the Author

Tanith Carey is award winning national newspaper journalist and writer on parenting and society for the Guardian, The Independent and the Daily Mail, among many others newspapers and magazines.She is also the author of six books - three on parenting. Her previous book Where Has My Little Girl Gone? How to protect your daughter from growing up too soon, published in May 2011, was the first hands-on guide for parents on how to handle the challenges of early sexualisation. It received widespread media coverage - including a three day serialisation in the Daily Mail, the cover of Guardian Family, a spread and opinion pieces in the Independent and Independent on Sunday.


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Good Parenting Teaching Boys Becoming Parent Single Parent
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