Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp Live Talk on Instant Payment Trading

When I attended the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp I took lots of notes – as Andrew Reynolds, who organized the event encouraged us to do.

Andrew Reynolds is a Multi-Millionaire as a result of his own Cash on Demand business. Actually he’s generated over £30million from it. He teaches all of his students how to run their own Cash on Demand businesses through his home study course and the live Andrew Reynolds Bootcamps.

Now you’re up to speed, let’s continue with some of the stuff Andrew Reynolds talked about during the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp.

He said to us, “Those people that have seen my materials before, that have perhaps been to an Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp or have perhaps seen some of the Cash on Demand home study course, already know that I grew up in relative poverty.”

Andrew Reynolds continued to explain that his father had struggled for most of his life to make money from the little hardware store he owned in Winchester. And he told us he considers that we are all so fortunate to be around at this particular time in man’s history. Business these days is so much more accessible to everybody.

For example in his father’s day, when a customer wanted to buy something large like a lawn mower they had to apply for a hire purchase loan. People just didn’t have that much cash to buy something like a lawn mower without applying for a loan. There weren’t any credit cards back then.

So, his father would give out an HP loan form. The customer would have to fill in the form so it could be sent to the HP loan company. A couple of weeks later the HP company would write back to say whether they agreed to the loan or not. Can you imagine? What we all do to get one credit card and from then on, we can keep using it time and time again, people used to have to fill in a form every single time they wanted to borrow money.

Of course for people like Andrew Reynolds father, this made selling larger items a lot of hassle. For a start he had to put the lawn mower into the stock room and wait for the HP loan company to either lend the customer money or to turn them down. If they were turned down, the lawn mower went back into the store.

And there was another huge disadvantage for people like his father. The customer had more than two weeks of waiting to find out if they were going to get the loan. And during that time, they could change their mind and decide not to buy the lawn mower after all.

As Andrew Reynolds told us as he talked live from the stage of the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp, in those days there was a huge delay built into the process of selling something. Now of course, that’s all changed. These days, because of the easy access to credit, we are used to instant payment trading.

And that’s the beauty of the Cash on Demand type business. Customers come along and make a decision to buy and instantly we get paid.

Andrew Reynolds during the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp talked about hungry groups. In fact he showed us a simple technique with a free tool that made it real easy to find hungry groups of people. As the students of the Cash on Demand business know, the first thing you need to find is a niche market that you want to sell to. But that niche market has to be full of the right type of ‘hungry’ customers, they have to meet criteria that Andrew Reynolds teaches – if you don’t get it right, you’re just wasting your time and money.

So, the people in your niche market can buy instantly from you, because they have instant credit. Of course, as Andrew Reynolds said to us all at the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp, credit and debit cards can be abused – in other words used wrongly.

Andrew Reynolds then talked about the difference between good and bad credit. As he said, they didn’t teach us such things at school did they? We left school so naïve about how money works. Yes, we all did maths so we were all taught how to subtract, divide and add up money, but that is not the same as understanding the nature of money. And if you don’t understand that it makes it difficult to know how to make money.

During the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp, Andrew Reynolds told us about a mate of his which illustrates the important difference between good and bad credit. This mate has a simple view on life. If he gets depressed, he simply takes off on a holiday. He uses his credit card to pay for it. If he’s fed up with the wet and cold of the winter, he maxes his credit card on having a bloody good Christmas as he puts it. His friends and family are treated to all of these weird and wonderful expensive presents, that more often than not, they don’t want or even like.

So, every new year, he’s deeply in debt. So, he gets a downer. What does he do? He treats himself to a new car, or a new tele or the latest piece of gadgetry. Because he doesn’t have any spare cash – it all goes on paying back his debts – he sticks it all on a credit card again.

You’ve guessed it – that’s bad credit. The value of the items, depreciate. A new car loses a few thousand pounds in value the second the tyres leave the garage. Andrew’s mate buys stuff that puts him in a position of negative equity. In other words, he’s got a bloody great hole in his finances.

Andrew Reynolds also talked to us about good credit during his live talk at the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp. He admitted that before he attended a seminar in Las Vegas and learned about this business, he used to abuse credit cards. He didn’t understand about good and bad credit until he heard all about it from the multi-millionaire who taught this stuff live at the seminar, just as Andrew Reynolds now teaches others.

From that day, Andrew Reynolds trained himself to use credit cards sensibly. So, what is good credit?

Andrew Reynolds taught us, along with other multi-millionaires and millionaires who talked live to us during the Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp that good credit is using the money you’re borrowing to increase your wealth.

So, what increases your wealth? Two things and they are, paying out for training, and buying product that you resell for a profit.

There’s the difference and they don’t teach you this in school do they? Bad credit is buying stuff that depreciates as soon as you have paid for it.

Good credit is paying out to learn something that will enable you to improve your lifestyle. Good credit is buying product that enables you to make a profit.

Of course, I have only just touched the surface of this. If you go to an Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp you will learn for yourself during the weekend things that will change your world. It can totally change your outlook on life and set you on the road to having the lifestyle you’ve perhaps always dreamed of having.

I cannot stress it strongly enough that attending an Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp is good credit, because you will learn stuff that will show you just how easy the Cash on Demand system is and how simple and easy it is to make a fortune from a Cash on Demand business. Others are already millionaires and multi-millionaires.

All you need to do is take the time to get yourself to the next Andrew Reynolds Bootcamp and listen to what they have to say. I did and I haven’t looked back since…