Shopping List for Diabetics, 20 Best Foods for Your Grocery List

Next time you are in a supermarket, rolling your cart, remember the choices you make today will shape your tomorrow. Your choices are going to impact your lifestyle and maybe change it for better. Next time you find yourself at a supermarket buying groceries, for a change try buying items that are beneficial for your health and not just good for your taste buds.

It is going to surprise a lot of you but yes, it is your eating habit that will decide whether you are going to be a victim or victor. The food you eat can help you control diabetes to a greater extent and vice versa. You will have to choose Apple to Ice Cream and Oranges over Butter.

Here’s a list of 20 best foods for Diabetics; the list helps you understand why you need to pick these up instead of your regular grocery items:

  1. Apples: Let be a cliché and talk about how Apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple makes up for your core diet. Put in deliberately in everything you make from salad to sandwich and you will never have to see a doctor. Apples are organically low in calories and have higher fiber content. The 4 gm. of fiber present fills up the stomach and provides with the requisite energy to carry on with the day. Apple also battles cholesterol, removes collected fat and manages blood sugar swings for better.
  2. Avocado: It is creamy and has the sumptuous amount of monounsaturated fat that controls the level of blood sugar after eating. Avocado is rich in nutrients and it tends to slow down the process of digestion in order to control the production level of blood sugar. Fat rich diets also decrease the resistance power of insulin, produced inside the body, adding mashed up Avocado to salads and consuming it with a meal will stop the fatty food from leading to increased level of blood sugar and will also keep the efficiency of insulin intact.
  3. Barley: It is the best modern day alternative for Rice because it is not only low on fat but has impressive effects on metabolism. Barley, when compared to rice, is light in nature and never alters with the efficiency of insulin production. Barley reduces the rise of blood sugar level after a meal almost by 70%, which is very impressive and has multiple health benefits for Diabetics. One can consume Barley in varied forms; people can use it in the salad, with a sandwich, soup and what not? It is the presence of soluble fibers that slows down the digestion process and increases the absorption of carbohydrates, which helps in keeping the blood sugar level under control.
  4. Beans: It is your best alternative for meat, given it has higher protein content. Beans also have a high amount of soluble fiber, which slows down the digestion and increases the absorption of carbohydrates. The control and absorption mechanism helps in keeping blood sugar level under control. While beans are really good in controlling blood sugar, they also provide the requisite amount of protein for a betterment of health.
  5. Beef: To everyone’s surprise, Beef is actually a Diabetes-friendly food. The sumptuous amount of protein will not fill you up but will also help you fight the rise of blood sugar. Always go for the leanest cut and small pieces, they are good enough for Diabetics.
  6. Berries: They are the natural replacement for sweets and ice creams. The colorful visage and the irresistible taste will not only save you from the innocuous effects of ice creams but will also help you control levels of blood sugar. The presence of fibers and antioxidants in huge amount promotes the production of insulin and also increases it ability to resist.
  7. Broccoli: You do not need to make that sad face. Broccoli is actually good, it fills you up and provides with the requisite amount of fiber along with antioxidants. Gym extremists have always been counting on this vegetable because it affects the core and improves metabolism like never before. Increased metabolism curbs the production of blood sugar and increases the resistance power of insulin.
  8. Carrots: It is true that the sugar present in Carrot transforms into blood sugar at an amazing pace but it is still beneficial for Diabetics because the amount of sugar present in them is very less. The presence of Betacarotene in impressive amount is something that makes Carrot the perfect food for every Diabetic.
  9. Chicken or Turkey: Chicken and Turkey can help people control diabetes and at times can also instigate the level of blood sugar. The effect of their consumption depends on upon the cuts. Breast portion help Diabetics keep their blood sugar level in control while the thighs and drumstick meats will promote the development of blood sugar in the human body.
  10. Eggs: One or two eggs on the daily basis are not going to affect your cholesterol level much but the presence of quality protein will play with the metabolism of your body. Increased metabolism will help you control the production of blood sugar. Diabetics should run at least 1-2 km when consuming a lot of egg and meats.
  11. Fish: The Salmon protein not only fights heart diseases but also confiscates accumulation of fat. Huge presence of protein in Fish helps people enhance metabolism for fighting the excess production of blood sugar levels.
  12. Flaxseed: Nothing comes closer to Flaxseed when it’s about curbing the growth of blood sugar by leaps and bounds. The presence of nutrients like magnesium in heavy amount works intricately on the blood sugar production level and minimizes them for a better health.
  13. Milk and Yogurt: Groceries in our list so far has proved that protein is actually good for Diabetics. Protein not only provides with requisite strength to muscles but also ensure proper curbing of harmful blood sugar by increasing the resistance power of Insulin. Milk and Yogurt are highly rich sources of protein. A milk of glass in the morning and after dinner is going to do wonders for Diabetics.
  14. Nuts: It slows down the digestion process and controls the production of blood sugar just after you have completed your meal.
  15. Seeds: be it sesame or sunflower seeds, all of them are known to enhance metabolism, slow down digestion and increase the resistance power of insulin.
  16. Oatmeal: This amazing cereal has incomparable effects on fats, it slows down digestion, reduces fat and also enhances metabolism. People mostly depend on oatmeal for getting back in shape and the moment you get back in shape, Diabetes is going to be under control. Lose that extra 7% of fat from your body and you will see yourself doing great.
  17. Olive Oil: Cooking food in Olive Oil will reduce the chances of increased blood sugar level by amazing proportion. You will be able to eat a fat less food and enjoy the taste as well. Olive oil is a boon for Diabetics.
  18. Peanut Butter: Olive Oil and Peanut Butter are highly effective on fat. One can depend on either of peanut butter and olive oil for enjoying quality taste while being a Diabetic.
  19. Whole-grain Bread: Take a break from the regular bread and try out whole-grain bread. Diabetics are going to gain health benefits because whole-grain bread not only slows down the digestion process but also adds up requisite bacteria to intestines that increase the production of insulin.
  20. Sweet Potato: One of the most loved fruit in the countryside. Sweet Potato takes on carbohydrates in a very different way and ensures amazing help for Diabetics. Sweet Potato is had fibers that work on metabolism and help Diabetics fight blood sugar levels.

Now that you know, what works for you and what not? It is time for you to bring the much-awaited change in your life and there is lots of apps which can help you to control your diabetes. A change of paradigm in grocery shopping is going to change your life for better. You will be able to manage your health like a professional. Diabetics can enjoy going out and taking part in a lot of activity and live their lives the way they wanted to.